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Poised to bring billions of dollars in value to industries such as health care, big data is a trend that's here to stay. Big data straddles the IT and marketing sectors: Not only is it a technological problem — where to put all of this data? — it is poised to deliver real, actionable boardroom insights. While the big data trend has skyrocketed, many do not fully comprehend how to manage data. Despite this uncertainty, there is a growing consensus that big data is value. Organizations are beginning the infrastructure investment in systems that enable the large-scale storage and analysis of data. The Proliferation of Big Data Through the Enterprise Data sets too large to be effectively and fully captured, managed, stored and analyzed using traditional infrastructures are referred to as big data. Existing data storage systems are not equipped to analyze big data and ar... (more)

Can a Dedicated Server Equate to an Immediate Performance Boost?

Performance is your website’s first impression to visitors. Almost 50% of users expect a web page to load within two seconds. The move from a shared server to a dedicated server can alleviate many of a website’s performance issues and improve overall revenue and user experience. Shared hosting, by contrast, has hundreds of other websites on the same server. All bandwidth, server memory, hard drive space and CPU cycles are shared with other website owners. Database servers are also shared with these hundreds of other site owners. The result can be a bottleneck at the server-level. Dedicated servers are leased or fully purchased machines completely controlled by the webmaster. All server resources and databases are dedicated to the one business. Bandwidth, which plays a major role in how quickly a page loads, is also dedicated to the server, so no other website traff... (more)

When Should We Switch to VPS

A middle-of-the-road solution between dedicated servers and shared hosting is a balance that makes a lot of sense for many businesses. Such a service exists and is called a virtual private server (or VPS). VPS offers webmasters a way to host their own server, but without the higher costs and complexities of dedicated servers. Here's more about whether VPS strikes the right balance for you. What Is a VPS? When a website uses shared hosting, it shares memory, hard drive space and CPU cycles with other sites on the same server. If one site gets hacked, there is a chance that other sites on the same server can get hacked. If one webmaster uses up all the server resources, other sites on the same server suffer. Some web hosts place hundreds of sites on the same server, so each site is at the mercy of other webmasters. VPS is a virtual server solution that segments custo... (more)

BMC Software Delivers ‘The New IT’ with Three Pioneering Products

BMC Software on Tuesday introduced an array of product innovations that take full advantage of advancements in user experience and crowdsourcing to give employees complete control of their IT experience via an elegant and intuitive mobile interface. The new products - BMC MyIT 2.0, BMC AppZone 2.0 and BMC Remedyforce Winter '14 - showcase the company's commitment to using mobile, social, and cloud technologies. BMC believes these technologies, along with automated and industrialized IT service delivery, are the defining characteristics of the new IT. As businesses increasingly replace physical products and services with those delivered digitally - such as banks enabling customers to deposit a check with a smartphone versus going to a branch - expectations for improved experiences across the technology landscape have skyrocketed, as have the pressures put on IT to d... (more)

Myth Busting: Top Five Hosted Exchange Myths Busted

Maintaining email servers is a full-time job including server maintenance, filtering spam, blocking viruses, and creating backups. A hosted Exchange service frees up IT time by putting all of these tasks in the hands of the email host. Even still, the myths surrounding hosted Exchange persist. Let's knock them out one at a time to see why Exchange might make sense for you. Myth #1: Hosted Exchange Is Only for Large Businesses Because of the time it takes to manage an Exchange server, small businesses can take the most advantage of a third-party email system. While large businesses can also use Exchange, small business IT departments have more tasks to keep the company running. Allowing the host to manage the email servers takes much of the busy work away from IT personnel, so they can focus on more internal issues instead of maintaining servers. Myth #2: Difficult t... (more)

Guidance for Combining Cloud and Social to Enable the Amazing

After years of talking to people inside and outside of my company about the benefits of cloud computing, I'm truly convinced that the most important benefit is not cost reduction or the ability to have new servers up and running in a few minutes. Of course those are great capabilities that a real cloud computing environment can offer. But the most important benefit of cloud technology is the ability to move your business to where it has never been before - and do amazing things you couldn't even consider doing a few years ago. One use case I'm happy to see the market (including large enterprises) explore more often is the enhanced customer engagement and experience achieved through a combination of social networks and the cloud. Although almost everybody understands how powerful this combo can be, very few are succeeding in unleashing the power of this synergy. Mos... (more)

Three Tips to Get the Best Response from LinkedIn Inmail

Since publishing my two free ebooks Cracking the LinkedIn Sales Code and LinkedIn Sales Secrets Revealed, I get asked tons of question about how to use LinkedIn best. One of the most contentious issues relates to the use of InMail. Numerous people have written to tell me it's a total waste of time -- that they never get responses from it. Yet, our 2013 survey results showed that top sellers used it nearly 4 times more than all other respondents. And, reports a 700% increase in response rates when they use InMail - over sending the exact same message via email. According to them, it's especially effective with senior executives. Here are three tips to help you get the best response from LinkedIn Inmail: 1. Message quality is crucial. "Pitch" InMails that hype your products, services or company never work. Period. So if you're not getting responses, t... (more)

Crowdfunding To Change The Way People View Networks, Information And Commerce

Friday 14 June, 2013 Urban Cloud is an innovative social network that unites people on a platform designed to promote collaboration. We have focused on five key areas of innovation: Innovative Design – Urban Cloud is the world’s first social media platform that seamlessly unites social networking and marketing. Native Advertising – Urban Cloud uses a proprietary algorithm called STAC (Space, Time, Active, Content) to blend advertising into a user’s social timeline. Validation – Urban Cloud is able to weed out unverified and fake/spam user accounts, allowing for an enhanced social media experience for advertisers and users. Positive Reinforcement - Urban Cloud features a unique reward system, through which a user can accumulate points for interacting with a business. These can be redeemed for rewards to build brand loyalty and recognise social influencers all at once. ... (more)

Super Bowl XLVIII Brands and Ads: Social Analysis Provides a Closer Look

Networked Insights analyzed consumer conversation from all across the social web activity during last night's Super Bowl. It was a massive amount of data to analyze too; there were more than 25 million conversations about Super Bowl XLVIII across Twitter, blogs, and forums during the Big Game. Viewers talked about everything from the players to the national anthem to the halftime show performances. Of course, Networked Insights paid close attention to the brands and advertisers involved in Super Bowl XLVIII. To find out which ads got viewers talking, and the reasons why, we used our technology platform -the same platform that brand marketers and entertainment companies use to gain strategic insights across audience, content and media-to deliver comprehensive analysis. Some key points from Super Bowl XLVIII: Maserati, H&M, and Beats Music were the consumer ad favorit... (more)

Dachis Group Announces Launch of the Social Business Index

AUSTIN, TX -- (Marketwire) -- 06/29/11 -- Dachis Group, the world's leader in Social Business, announced today the launch of the Social Business Index. The Social Business Index is the only information service providing ongoing real-time ranking, analysis, and benchmarking of Social Business adoption and performance of the world's most connected and engaged companies on hundreds of key engagement and activity metrics across social platforms globally. At launch, the Social Business Index measures the social performance of the world's most engaged companies, their subsidiaries, and their brands by analyzing hundreds of millions of signals globally from customers, employees, partners, influencers, and the marketplace in real time across the Social Business graph. The Social Business Index, built on top of Dachis Group's Social Business Intelligence as a Service (SBIaaS)... (more)

Research and Markets: Social Business Services in the Cloud: Market and Forecast Analysis 2013-2018

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Social Business Services in the Cloud: Market and Forecast Analysis 2013-2018" report to their offering. Enterprise organizations are challenged with adopting optimized social business practices while integrating global teams, driving innovation, and increased productivity. The promise of Social Business Services in the Cloud is to transform customer information into a competitive advantage through a combination of insights and real-time customer experience/perceptions. Actionable information is derived through leveraging Big Data and related analytics. Deployment to date indicate great potential with revenue improvements of 28% and 108% positive ROI. Despite great opportunities, deployment and operational challenges remain, including ensuring reliable and secure infrastructure, secured system, and network ma... (more)